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It’s not all about what your company does. – sometimes, it’s about what your company says. Whether it’s on your website, Twitter or the back of a beermat, your company’s voice says a lot about your brand, so it’s important to say the right things.


Copywriting – my rules

I am a firm believer that copywriting is not always about what you want to say, it’s also about what your audience needs to hear. So I have a few writing rules…


Proof reading

The devil is in the details – typos, poor grammar and sloppy writing don’t give the best first impression. Don’t let written copy fall at the last hurdle.

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Write for marketing

Unless you have a marketing team, writing about your business is probably not a priority. But it is important if you’re to keep up your company’s profile.

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Write for social media

It’s rude to be anti-social. Social media should take centre stage, but finding time to be both regular and relevant on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook et al is challenging.

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Write for the press

Never underestimate the power of press coverage. Having worked with the media for 13+ years I know that written content for one press sector won’t work for all.

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Write for web & blogs

Writing for the web requires a very different treatment to print, and the key is striking a balance between natural writing and search engine optimisation.