Copywriting – my rules


I am a firm believer that copywriting is not always about what you want to say, it’s also about what your audience needs to hear. So I have a few writing rules…

My rules aren’t because I’m trying to be difficult, but because I want my writing to work for you.

  • Keep it simple. No-one remembers the unnecessarily complicated articles, full of jargon and waffle. These 3 sins mean your reason for writing in the first place is lost.
  • Successful writing means understanding what your audience want and need to know. I will put myself in your audience’s shoes, then put pen to paper.
  • Successful copywriting for businesses is about structure and balance. It isn’t just a braindump of your thoughts.
  • I will write in a tone and style that suits your business (it won’t be the same for everyone, and that’s a good thing).
  • I won’t use 5 words if 1 will do.
  • I won’t treat your readers like experts, nor will I treat them like idiots.
  • I won’t write the same articles as your competition, using different words – copycat marketing is not cool.
  • I will provide copy that is intelligent without being overly technical.
  • I will put my hand up if we’re going off on a tangent.

If we’re on the same page, please get in touch.